Contributing to ProofPower
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Contributing to ProofPower

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Can I join in with ProofPower development?

Yes, indeed! Anyone is welcome to join in. Proposals for fixes and enhancements to be included in the ProofPower code base are very gratefully received. You are also very welcome to develop ProofPower for your own purposes and distribute your work yourself, provided you comply with the GNU General Public License.

If you are interested in ProofPower development and have any questions or if you just want to discuss your ideas, then please use the mailing list.

Where do I find the source?

The ProofPower source is, of course, included in the release tarballs. The ProofPower source code is also available on GitHub. There are two git repositories:

How do I share my work?

If you'd like your work to be included in the ProofPower code base, then please send patches or pull requests to [ppdev at lemma-one dot com]. If you have been developing in a clone of the pp repository, you can create patches and pull requests with the usual git commands. Tags are added to mark ProofPower releases, so, for example,

git diff -p v3.1w7

will output a patch to upgrade the source as it was when version 3.1w7 was released to the HEAD state of your clone.

If you have been making changes to the source extracted from a release tarball, you use diff to make a patch. Let's assume you've extracted OpenProofPower-3.1w7 and taken a copy alongside it named OpenProofPower-XXX to do your work in (where XXX is some distinctive string like your initials and the date). You could then make a patch by running the following command in the common parent of the two directories.

diff -urP OpenProofPower3.1w7 OpenProofPower-XXX >patch-XXX.diff

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