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ProofPower Patches

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Anyone is welcome to contribute fixes to the ProofPower development. Patches are a convenient way of distributing bug fixes.

To apply a patch:

  1. Download the compressed patch file into any directory of your choice, e.g., /tmp

  2. Change directory to the ProofPower build directory, e.g.,

    cd $HOME/bld/OpenProofPower-3.1w7
  3. Uncompress the patch, piping the output into patch -p1 -b -B orig/, e.g.,

    gunzip -c /tmp/patch-3.1.rda.20170310.diff.gz | patch -p1 -b -B orig/

    This will update the relevant source files, taking back-up copies in the directory orig.

  4. Now following the instructions in the file README and any special instructions in the patch description file.


If you do accidentally overwrite the HTML index file. You can recreate it by rerunning ./configure as if you wanted to reinstall all the packages you have installed and then running ./install +d, which will just rebuild the HTML index file without building or installing any of the packages.

Patches for version 3.1w7

The available patches for ProofPower 3.1w7 are listed in the table below.
Compressed Patch File Patch Description File
patch-3.1.rda.20170310.diff.gz Support build on Mac OS Sierra